Best Infinite Flight Photos [Official Thread]


“Hei Oslo!” That’s Norwegian for “Hello Oslo!”


YPDN (Darwin, Northern Territory) to YMIP (Mitchell Plateau, Western Australia)
Lots of turbulence.


Is that NZAA by the looks of it you a parked at correct place for air nz A320 if that’s gates 27-31

Good job


I have not been to NZ on Infinite Flight Live yet. This images is from a Northern Territory and Western Australia flight. I’m a newbie to IF Live, so only flying small aircraft, for now.


Um…what! Austria doesnt have continents! 😂😂😂


No but it look like it, ha ha



Misty take off from PAJN


At sunset, between the Innsbruck valleys




“1,2,3 Staring Contest!”



~ Spitfire ~


It was supposed to mean that I start this journey in Austria ;)


Is that meant to be Air Koryo? 😂 You can get arrested for taking pictures on Air Koryo.


Really? No it’s random stuff.


the USA definitely has some of the best scenery from over the globe

currently flying from Amsterdam to Cape Town in a KLM 787-9. My first time flying to Africa on IF and I already really like the scenery here too


- Maybe someday


“Our Heritage is in the Cargo”