Best Infinite Flight Photos [Official Thread]


How to I take pics in IF




You take Screenshots :)


TNT Cargo Close-Up!

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In America people say “oldy but a goody”.


Tanken from IFAE and GAF cross org event Carolina Convoy.


A little TBT to the beta days of Global. This was my first formation shot in the then-new colors. Just shows how beautiful the update was from the beginning

Yes, for those who don’t remember, I beta tested Global (for a while). I recommend seeing here.


DELTA 11 after climbing from EBBR enroute to KATL & ASIANA 27 Departing RKSI enroute to KLAX. Two of my favorite commercial birds.


look in the image part


Wait they have an EcoSkies 737 in IF?


It’s called Photoshop.


Oh, lol I’m dumb. I for some reason thought their was an update.

Best Infinite Flight Videos [Official Thread]

Oman Air | Boeing 787-8 Dreamliner | A40-SA | 2x GEnx | WIII/CGK


that looks hard to pull off. Not the photo. The actual maneuver.


No, this post is not for trolling. Please don’t clog this thread. Put it in the Humorous Live Photo’s section


Yeah, I agree. Not very funny.


Spotting using free cam once more at YSSY