Best Infinite Flight Photos [Official Thread]


Maybe I saw that he was flying the CRJ.

what a pointless comment…


I was flying to the South Pole airbase, and what on earth happened here? I also lost full control over the aircraft. It just hovered at 140 k feet-wouldn’t sink or turn.


And another overnight-flight!


Holding pattern after go around over NZWN waiting for fog to clear landed at 2nd attempt.


This is the way.

I did not have any problems flying there, you just lost control due to the altitude I think .



Where are you taking off?


I took that a while ago but I think it was NZQN


Here are some pics from my live stream EGSS-EPPO (London Stansted to Poznan Lawica)

Here’s my YouTube channel


Please Do NOT try to pull that over.

Fun Fact: Alpha/Beta aircraft can only be seen by the pilots themselves 🙂

Maybe next time try to find the real Laura…


Name the airport I’m departing…😁


Wow, what an honour; naming an airport. I’m going to call it Steve.


the king of Dad Jokes strikes again


It is in fact Norman ! Better luck next time :-)


You man dead? Also, when have I ever told a dead joke before?



747s about to drop the hottest mixtape of 2018…


you can still see them but they just appear as the old livery


dad jokes.

jokes that dads tell


but they’re so close together!