Best Infinite Flight Photos [Official Thread]


Flight with @scoobykyle


Maybe that are not the best pictures ever taken or it is not the best quality but this was my flight with my 250th landing. It was the flight to grade 4 and I just wanted to share this very special moment to you guys because this community is just awesome ;)


Maybe you could crop a bit and it will look even better


Hope this will be a good flight and the fog will ne soon lighted.


Tyler_Shelton testing the CRJ from KASE to KPHX while I’m approaching KLAX :-)




My Sunday flight from HAAB TO VHHH
FLIGHT TIME 7 hours and 42 minuets with Ethiopian Airlines .


That is something that better fits into the topic, “Community Members Spotted On Live”


I’ll do it next time then…



Haven’t posted in here in a while.


Volotea 717! :)


Departing Milan for Copenhagen!


Flight of 3


High above the Bahamas:


Shouldn’t of said that mate you would of got tons of likes ;)


Is this nice?

Fixed it!


Now have someone try and photoshop the max 8 Livery on there as the plane is in the same position as one of the real life Max 8 pictures. :)


In my opinion, yes.

I prefer pics in 16:9 though


How do I do that?

Sorry for my noobishness.