Best Infinite Flight Photos [Official Thread]


i love making my photos like this.


Looks like Prepar3d xD



If you were ready for takeoff, you’d be behind the hold short line 😉😂


‘It’s Mint to Be’


Came back from sigapore eh?


Some of my clicks


Let’s just call it the non-avgeek takeoff!😜



Flying in Brazil!




my country !!! im gonna fly when i get out of school


Im from Brazil too, Hahaha, I’m going to school soon, but I’m already flying


the min i get out im gonna go to infinite flight and fly my brain out with knowledge 15m imagery is gonna be awesome when it comes out


@Andrew_Sneed1 and I preparing to depart PHNL last week.


KLM 777-300ER with Orange Pride livery departing from EHAM for an 11 hour journey to SBGR


Edited this cool photo I shot departing out of SFO

Thanks for the idea for this edit @QANTAS_001 and @ItsBlitz!


Wow, that looks really cool! Are you sure you didn’t draw that? :)


Yep! I wish I could draw that though!



A few days ago IPP, doing a group flight, with other IPP members flying from Muscat to Dubai


Speed bird 172 over the Atlantic.