Best Infinite Flight Photos [Official Thread]


Departing KLAX to YMML to meet up with @QantasVirtual event to fly to YPPH onto EGLL


F-16 Fighting Falcon


Whipping out the butter knife for a landing in Miami.


ya it is 787-9 787-8 787-10


SQ637 has just landed at Singapore Changi Intl Airport, after a flight from Tokyo Narita Intl Airport (NRT)
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A few months back, I did a flight from Tokyo International (HND/RJTT) to Madrid (MAD/LEMD). These are just some of the beautiful shots I got of the b787-10 shortly after departing Tokyo Haneda. In the background, you can see Mount. Fuji and other extraordinary scenery. I HIGHLY recommend flying to/from japan if you haven’t already!


Flight to Kai Tak!

A few weeks ago I did a flight in a Lufthansa Boeing 747-400 to Kai Tak for oldtimes sake.
One of the best flights you can do in my opinion ( Kai Tak is my favorite airport BTW). Here’s a few screenshots I took during the flight.

Waiting for clearance to taxi onto the runway.



Approach to Kai Tak

Right turn at Checkerboard Hill

Short Final


Taxiing to the gate



That is one ungodly sharp turn.
I can already hear the “Bank Angle” callout lol


Over the Gila National Forest in Southwest New Mexico en route to Las Vegas from San Antonio.


Update: Just seen the Australian coast 40 minutes to landing at YMML


Busy Day at McCarran International


Blasting out of SFO as well as coming in!


Probably a terrain warning as well lol


Today I decided to take a look at K2, the world’s second tallest mountain. It is located in the Pakistan-China border, at less than 150 nautical miles from OPSD, an Airbase in the Pakistan side of the border.


Flight Sim Expo 2018 ☀️


Out of Las Vegas



🔵 “Be one with the plane” 🔵

🔵 “Use the force @Matthew use the force” 🔵


At @Josh @QantasVirtual event

It’s still going


I’m Down Under 😉