Best Infinite Flight Photos [Official Thread]


14 hours flight from Santiago to Rome


How Many Planes Do You See?


Flying the U.S Airways A320 to Houston from Cancun was nice.


Welcome to KLAX

After a 5 hour flight from KATL

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Event with IFATS!

Nice work @Lucas_Dominguez!


Unfortunately Apple maps says there is no “My. overspeed” but who uses apple maps anyways… 😂


This my friends is why we need gear smoke…


Out with the old, in with the new

Pictures 1&2: ATCEG Saturday Night Patterns
Pictrue 3: Awesome flight with @David_Beckett


I did another one while I had the chance…

My fave photo!


my vey first edit! Tell me what y’all think :) and what I need to work on.


It looks very nice! However just note that the 737 beacon light on top of the fuselage is red. Other than that you have great talent!


I will take note of that. thank you!


You’re just as good as me!


IMO he’s better than you
Don’t take it too seriously ;)
@NorthernSkyy you did it so beautifully. Love the blend in the sky especially. & the timing of the gear retraction.


Thank you! That means a lot!
And @Delta319 your an awesome editor :)


Is that wing IF? That’s an amazing picture


Yes it is IF, it looks like a simulator wing.


Thank you that is my first edit😊



A United Airlines 737-900 on final approach into Maui’s OGG Airport and then resting at the gate after a 5.5 hour flight from San Francisco. Overall a very good flight; smooth landing into OGG where approaches and landings are usually windy and turbulent.


Welcome to Stockholm Passengers