Best Infinite Flight Photos [Official Thread]

Official Thread for Community Photos

Please use this thread to post all photos taken by yourselves. Photos must be of the Infinite Flight simulator only and must be of the global update of the Infinite Flight app or later. We have a lot of good photo editors here so enjoy this thread and show off your best work!

To post a photo, simply click on the upward arrow or the ‘upload button’ (device dependent). You can only upload certain photo formats. If the photo file is too large, try decreasing the quality. Cropping the photo can also help with this. As with all threads, please keep photos clean and refrain from explicit language if adding text. You can find a link to the official Infinite Flight Instagram channel below.

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Hi Misha!


KASE-KSLC yesterday morning.




Do you guys find it annoying when someone likes your old post?
My top infinite photos for all time (KPIT)

In The Heart Of Tahiti With Hawaiian Virtual Airlines


Virgin America A320 over Los Angeles



Gazing off into the distance

Tails in Athens


A few of my favorites since the global release.




Just a few of my favs so far :)


Hello, New Thread!


…and here are some more ;)



Flight for the AAVA over San Francisco.




Parked in Anchorage.