Best Infinite Flight Photos Instagram

Yes, there is now an Instagram page strictly for the best of the best Infinite Flight photos. Please, feel free to PM me with some beautiful photos that you would like to see on the page!


  • If it’s a Live photo, please make sure that the Status Bar, Airplane Names and Airplane Dots are all turned off.

  • Make sure the photo is not overedited.

  • Crop out the wifi symbol.

  • Please give information about your photo. (Where the picture was taken, what’s going on in the photo.)

It would be nice if I could get some followers! :)

~ Don Francis

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Don’t forget to add it to the Community Instagram list. :)

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Pm me which one you think is the best. I will only post 1 - 2 photos a day. :)

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These are my two best ones :)


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@elisua that KLM 747 photo on final with flaps deployed you got
@gadget_pilot the KLM 787 landing photo you got

2 amazing pics


Qantas 787-9 landing on RWY 34L in YSSY.

Final on KNUC


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You mean this one 😏😉

This was in the then, Advanced Server.
Departed from SAN, runway 27.
Landed on 25R, LAX.

This pic was on final.


yep, not gonna lie, i tried flying that behemoth after i saw how nice it looked in this pic

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I would’ve posted that if the wifi symbol and status bar was cut out. :)

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Wifi symbols.

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Are unedited one preferred? Can it be on solo?

Here ya go!
My Instagram is @ellysua

Oh yeah. ? & what happened ?



Here’s one from a while ago…

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