Best Infinite Flight livery? Voting Soon! 2019

Welcome I’ve Decided To Find The Best Livery In (Infinite Flight)

⚠️This is based on what livery looks the best on the plane NOT what plane is the best or Airline!!! ⚠️

The Requirements
● Only Rework/New Aircraft ( Xcub, TBM, C172, A318, A319, A320, A321, A350)
●In comments write 1 Livery per Aircraft, so it’s a valid vote.
●The Voting will start On Monday 30 December 2019
● This will be in rounds. Stay active and vote
●Be professional on this thread.


Up to date

Voting Results


I’ll keep this anonymous to avoid peer pressure


XCub: Yellow
TBM: Sea Blue
C172: N456DX
A318: Avianca
A320: Alaska
A321: Air Canada
A350: FrenchBee


@NoahM do it for each aircraft!

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Ok, got it

OFFICAL Example: ⚠️


•Xcub: Black and Grey
•C172: YellowBlue
•TBM: Charcol
•A318: ACJ Livery 1
•A319: Delta
•A320: AirAsia
•A321 Air Canada
•A350 French Bee


2020 or 2019?

Not to be Captain Obvious here, but the A350 isn’t a rework…


and the xcub

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Missing out on the A330 too. It got some TLC too.

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Xcub: black and grey
C172: Default
TBM: Infinite Flight - Light
A318: Avianca
A319: Eurowings
A320: Alaska
A321: All Nippon Airways
A350: Frenchbee

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Change it! Soory captain obvious:(

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Oh, I’m not going to change it. Its your topic. Just pointing out “the obvious”


  • Delete the A350 & XCub
  • Add A330

I don’t remember if the 737 was reworked this year or if it was 2018. These updates blend with each other so easily I loose track 😂

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Who wouldn’t want a 737 Rework?

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I actually did a series of polls on this sort of thing where we took every aircraft in the simulator and narrowed it down to the favorite and then voted for the favorite livery. The winner was the Alaska A320. You can search IFN Poll and there’s 4 parts if you want to check it out.

That was December 2018 :)

See! Feels like it was yesterday. 😂


It really does!

@JacksonAviation guess this is 2019 Now! :) yaya:( We getting older…

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It’s about to be 2020, can’t believe that was almost two years ago! Let’s get back on topic though…

Quick question, is this only for the planes that were added/reworked in 2019 or for planes that were worked on for its type like commercial, ga, military, etc?