Best Infinite Flight Livery 2019? Voting Started! Part 2

Part 2!

Welcome I’ve Decided To Find The Best Livery In (Infinite Flight)

⚠️This is based on what livery looks the best on the plane NOT what plane is the best or Airline!!! ⚠️

The Requirements
● This will be in rounds. Stay active and vote
●Be professional on this thread.

Up to Date

  • Black and Grey Xcub
  • Embry Briddle C172

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  • Sea Blue TBM
  • Avanica A318

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  • Eurowings A319
  • Alaska Airlines A320

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  • Air Canada A321
  • FrenchBee A350

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@NoahM and Infinite Flight ©️

Happy New Years 🎆 ThomasThePro


Part 2 is up 🤙

Will 24hrs from the post was up

Nice thread!

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Thanks! @Alex_Kyte 👌

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Vote before voting ends! 🔜✅

Lol embry Briddle

That what the people voted ! 🤷‍♂️ @den.aviation

Voting ending in under 3hrs go vote has you can! 🔜🔜🔜

The poll is now closed. Good Day!

If any photographers want to reach me out! PM I need some photos I’ll give you credit 👌

Mods/Staff may close this now!

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