Best Infinite Flight livery 2019! FINAL! FrenchBee A350 WON!

Finals- Part 4.

Welcome I’ve Decided To Find The Best Livery In (Infinite Flight)

⚠️This is based on what livery looks the best on the plane NOT what plane is the best or Airline!!! ⚠️

The Requirements
● This will be in rounds. Stay active and vote
●Be professional on this thread.

Up to Date

  • FrenchBee A350!
  • Embry Briddle C172!

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Infinite Flight ©️

Happy January! ;) ThomasThePro


Might want to fix, I need to request access.

Sorry about that guys! Now you can View it! :)

Not to criticize or anything, but if it’s what looks best on each plane shouldn’t it be the same plane with two liverys in each voting thing? For example, the Embry Riddle livery is the best on the C172 but out of the liveries on the A318 Avianca looks best. That’s where it gets hard.

Nothing beats the beautiful Alaska Airlines livery!


@KGJT-9149 that’s why it a vote! I knew anyways that no-rework aircraft are not going to win! :)

Voting ending soon!

Could’ve chosen a better picture to showcase Avianca…

Poll is closed! :) Good Day

Poll Open Again

Please VOTE! ;)

Ends In 5hrs! :)

Is it meant to have the results live?

No. Realized that when people started voting :(

The Final Has come to an End : ( The best livery in Infinite Flight is FrenchBee A350 Voted be the IFC community!

Thanks for voting!

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