Best Infinite Flight Live Experience

My best experience on Infinite Flight Live was after a 2-hour flight from KJFK-KMIA(Casual Server). So I’m on final, and there is a plane on the runway adjacent to mine (he is completely clear and good to takeoff). What made this experience so great was the fact he stayed to watch me land my aircraft, I also returned the favor and watch his beautiful takeoff :). What’s your favorite/ best moment?

-Capt. Sparryax
Great Lakes Airways


That’s pretty cool! Love seeing parallel shots of arriving and departing aircraft or just watching the art of taking off or landing ❤️

My favorite experiences so far have been doing patterns (circuits) with some friends or even random folks. Such a great experience flying with like minded avgeeks and aviation enthusiasts.

Group Flights 🙌

Flashback Pic with @DeerCrusher


Best Live Experience In 4 Letters:



What do you mean? Elaborate please :D.

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The dawning days of Live, where “Half Moon Unicom” dominated my ears.


KNUC Pre-Global = KLAX Global (TS)


KNUC is a Military base. Its located off the coast of Los Angeles and was very popular in the old Infinite Flight. It was a great tourist attraction, and it was infamously known for its Barrel-rolling 747s and the occasional A380 speeding at Mach 1 on final approach. That pretty much sums it up. I loved being on live there because of how active it was before Global.

That was a great live experience.



Thanks for the information, I wasn’t on Infinite Flight this long ago but sure seems like fun!

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Don’t forget KPSP! That was just about the only airport I flew in and out of in the pre global years,
I’ll post my favourite picture of it later on

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Wow. Talk about flashback. 😅 Good memories!


Keep going with the throwbacks! I wanna hear more about the Primitive Infinite Flight.

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Photo Creds: @Josh_Mcmunn

What could be better than a couple of space shuttles just chillin’ at TNCM?

These pictures would be somewhere on my old iPod or iPad… No clue where that is


Well, when we were confined in our regions, the California area was a hotspot for everything. Especially KNUC, KLAX, KSAN, and KPSP. The Miami region was also great. I miss the days when some of us flipped out saying

“OMG I did a transatlantic!” but it was just KLAX to KNUC.

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hang on, when was there ever a space shuttle in Infinite Flight???

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For me it’s group flights that are well organized. I took this screenshot from LiveFlight a few moons ago and when we didn’t have global yet.

Depicted here are IFAE and IFPHG in the Singapore Region when regions existed. I think we had over 50 or so aircraft packed into this small region for a 777 only event. Good memories of regions and working with what we had available to us.

Today is another story where we’re not limited to confined regions. We’ve got the world in our hands… literally and we’re able to do group flights in ways that Infinite Flight is meant to be. A pocket flight simulator where we can fly on the go. 🌎




LMAO, sounds like fun! XD

Space Shuttle was taken out In March of 2016

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now I’m sad… Any idea if they will put it back in?

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It’s still in the app. Just have to pull up the 747 Shuttle Carrier to enjoy it. But the Space Shuttle cannot be flown as a separate aircraft.

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Little trick, if you can obtain a device like an old 3rd gen Iphone or one of the first Ipods, you could probably get IF and meet the old A321, first version 747, and the Space Shuttle. (Maybe the first version 787 with one livery)

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