Best infinite flight cockpits

I was wondering if any of y’all knows which are the fully functional cockpits or at liest essentially functional cockpits on the infinite flight, except for the A319, 320 series… ? Any other cockpit have functional instruments on the dashboard?


Yes, the XCub and A-10 also have live glass displays

No glass in he A-10, but yes, a live cockpit.


I know those too not a fan of neither of those models, I would have loved if the airline aircrafts had all full functionality on the cockpit displays, the rate on which infinite flight works is very slow , I have to say it is unforgiving to let the 747 for not mentioning the 380 without instrument displays.

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I stand corrected. Thanks, it’s just the XCub and the A320 series. Coming soon, the A350 and 777 series will both have glass displays! Stay tuned for them! 😉


A320 family. Got those new live instruments 😍


I really cant wait for cockpit lights/Glass cockpit in the 777. This is my by far favorite aircraft.


Don’t forget about the incoming TBM 930 and mysterious GA

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Definitively the A320 family and the XCub Those are such good cockpits! 😍

Read what OP said, the title isn’t fitting with the question

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I though he asked what are our favourite cockpits.

I flew the MD11 (FedEx) and surprisingly I found the cockpit very nice and seemed really clean and realistic

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Yea but doesn’t have live instruments on the cockpit.

Infinite Flight will slowly start adding live cockpits to every aircraft. They’re pretty new, so only the XCub, A320 series, and A-10 has a live cockpit, with the XCub and A320s having glass displays. Just wait for the next update.

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The A320 has an amazing live cockpit. The A10 and XCub also have live cockpit. And the A350 and TBM will have live cockpit too.

The 737 and CRJ have a good cockpit but it’s not live.

The newest planes, whether brand new to IF or reworks, all have the best cockpits

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They may work slow but quality over quantity right? I still appreciate their hard work

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787 and CRJ are ready for live cockpits so they’ll be coming soon. I can’t remember if the dc10 and md11 are 🤔
I know they have a working live TBM cockpit however it’s not ready for release.

When was the last time you have flown the 737 😂

It’s no where near ready and it’s not even modelled it’s just pictures.