Best IF Shots 2019

Share your best IF shots here!

Here are some of mine Screenshot_20190920-155801_Gallery Screenshot_20190929-205833_Gallery Screenshot_20190924-002025_Gallery


The #screenshots-and-videos is not for threads like this, and this is your second try making a thread, which isn’t allowed in this category.

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Number four is awesome

I have been told this is where I should do this ?

If this is a compilation of your and not a thread for everyone to share photos, delete this, it’s misleading.

What he means is that the category #screenshots-and-videos is not for everyone to post pictures on a single thread, it means you share your pictures as the OP and no one else posts any pictures on the thread.


If you have permission for a thread like this here (from a moderator or staff), please tell us. Otherwise, this is not allowed. πŸ˜πŸ˜‰

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