Best IF Scenery

I love flying at high altitudes and admiring amazing scenery, and I know of a few places (either the Caribbean or some mountain ranges) that look great. However, I know there must be a lot more cool places to discover other than LA neighborhoods on approach to 25R 😆. Does anyone have any recommendations for scenic flying?

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You should try flying around PAJN. It has amazing scenery!

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I’d recommend MBPV. Turks and Caicos has beautiful waters, am I right @Pingu 😏

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Visit the alps. Great place to enjoy the views.

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Do you have a favorite airport/approach in the alps?

Hey @DanTheMan, I think you’ve found the right person because I try to visit every possible scenic place there is, haha!

I’ve found plenty of places that are stunning, but some of the more notable ones that were breath taking, even in Infinite Flight, were locations such as:

  • Kabul ; so many beautiful mountains and tricky terrain that’s fun to navigate through, would highly suggest flying to OAKB, just fantastic in many unexplainable ways, that you should figure
    out by going.

  • Another one that might surprise you is right on the Kazakhstan and China Border. There is some fantastic bodies of water and their colors and shades of blue, mixed with interesting terrain, and the Gobi Desert makes it immaculate. Here’s a picture of the satellite imagery, just to add some perspective :

  • Jorge Chavez Airport (SPJC) has a fantastic approach. It’s located in Peru and is surrounded by the Andes mountains, would definitely give it a try! (I’m actually currently flying here as we speak, haha.)

I hope you try some of the above airports, I think you’ll really like what you see!


Will do! Appreciate your input.

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Fly around Switzerland in a GA aircraft! Beautiful scenery!

i would fly to seattle to see the snowy mountains

I was actually planning to fly here in a C130 from KLSV. With friends in a formation

Not really, to be brutally honest. I overfly the region often when I’m flying across Europe, but I rarely ever fly to any airports there.

Innsbruck is a great airport!
Same with the Pacific Islands

PANC would look amazing if it had 3D scenery…

PAJN approach to RW26. You are in final over a river between two towering mountain ranges and it is just 👌, buetiful.

All of Japan is beautiful, South Africa, China, India, Nepal and many other places!

I might say go visit the alps or Greece

Is this one nice?

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Just did that one. Amazing


I must suggest you to fly in Chile. One of the most scenic routes in Chile can be SCEL-SCAT in Latam A320 around 1 hour FT or so :)

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