Best IF Photos


Flying inverted at 50,000 ft above the surface of our blue marble is always spectacular!


Sensations at 90,000 ft!

I realized I post a lot here


@Koby_Thomas is too classy for wheels. 🎩 Thanks for the amazing flight!


We shall fight on the beaches


“We shall fight on the landing grounds, we shall fight in the fields and in the streets, we shall fight in the hills; we shall never surrender.”
~Winston Churchill
June 4, 1940


All you need to do now is to do a low pass over the beaches of Dunkirk and then crash deep into Nazi territory to turn yourself in. Job well done. Beautiful pictures and in real life, the pilot of that aircraft, Alan Deere, made a true sacrifice to help people from a country that wasn’t even his. That takes deep guts and all. Anyways, that’s off topic.


Just finished a quick 45 minute hop from LOWW (Vienna International Airport) → LOWI (Innsbruck Airport) in a Dash-8 Q400 flying for Austrian Airlines.


Extremely heavy fog climbing out of Novosibirsk Intl in Russia!


FDS 737-700 BBJ 2015


On the TPA one, I love how you can see the sand being carried away by the current underwater.


Evening flight from Birmingham to Dublin, sunset over North Wales



Departing Narita Intl in Tokyo on my way to Auckland, NZ

Over SoCal departing KLAX on my way to Norway.

Morning pre flight preparation for our Zurich departure.

Departing Zurich on some morning fog.

Banking left over the Hudson River to align with rwy22L at Newark.



Flying over the North Sea


Gibraltar en espagne




Beautiful sunset departure from KORD


Sun is coming up…how beautiful.