Best IF Photos


Delta A319 parked in Salt Lake.


It’s an A319 my hommie :) (would like but I have to wait 47 years)


Kyle you live in China you aren’t allowed to say homie ;) and you would like this post but you have to wait 47 years



Flying through the mother land


Magic my homie.

@SAA_A346 How’s the route? I’m planning on flying it some time in IF.



I broke my longest flight record. From Rio de Janeiro to Abu Dhabi with the B77W from Etihad. Wonderful!




I did the real route at night and landed in the morning. Just count your hours so you can sleep and wake up just before you land. Besides, there’s nothing to see from FAOR to west Africa, that’s where 15m imagery starts if you fly during the day


Sixth one was great, so was the one in the cockpit!



Late night delayed flight to Moscow form Los Angeles. 12:05 flight time.

Location: Somewhere over Ontario
Time: Night 😂
Route: Los Angeles, California 🇺🇸 👉Moscow, Russia 🇷🇺


After 6 years…

And thousands of hours of pure thrill and enjoyment another milestone has been attained. Not that this number really means much in terms of pilot abilities, I personally think this is a good representation of how well you are of a sim pilot. I had no choice but to complete this milestone in nothing other than my favorite aircraft in Infinite Flight, the Cessna 208 in Alaska! Beautiful place to fly might I add. A hidden gem that not many fly and see.

Off to see what the next 1 million XP hold in store. Special thanks to all of those who I’ve done flights with, pattern sessions and in general messing around in the casual server.




Flying over the beautiful turquoise waters of the Caribbean on a bright and warm day!


Flying into the Alaskan horizon


Wait you from Congo DR??


No he is from South Africa.


Flight from KEWR-EGCC, but diverted to BIKF over the Atlantic.