Best IF Photos


Spotted ya ๐Ÿ˜‰


So nice the moon! This is the first of two flights to get past The Atlantic.



Kinda challenging but I managed to land safely ๐Ÿ˜‚.


Too easy with those massive metal tubes! Look at my landing in 30kts crosswind in the cirrus. Now add the fog. Thatโ€™s for the weather, then go to lukla. There you go a nice challenge!


Where is that youโ€™re flying over ?


Everest, in a 747-4 Generic.


Still canโ€™t get over the stars now. Brittish Airways 747 climbing out of RAF Marham


BAW207 - coming into Miami


Lineup at KDTW during FNF.


Everyone is checking to see if they can be the one to make part 3. I know you are




That second one is great. EDIT: oops I meant the second not the first xD


Been wanting to fly the Cessna Citation X for a while. Decided to fly it this FNF from KMEM-KDTW

Outside of aircraft @ KDTW

Interior @ KDTW (looks UGLY!!!)


Took two of the flights that N843NN flew today:
KCLT KMIA as AAL2565 and KMIA MTPP as AAL971. Beautiful views!


If next time you could just post your top photos thatโ€™d be better as then we will save some of the Forum storage. ;) 30 pictures is a lot of storage.


Spotting @ Detroit


FNF departing MEM - DTW


Airport MAX Out