Best IF Photos

Anybody got any good photos form EGCC?

u got any sreenshots?

Unfortunately not. Although, the Caribbean is a beautiful place to fly now.

@DeerCrusher @Lewis_Dix Is there a thread created for challenging small airports like St. Barts? If not we should create one, because I feel like landings like this are all I want to do right now lol. But I’m Android, so I have to hold my breath for a little while yet either way.

is everyone getting on the server fine now?

Here’s the thread that can be resurfaced:

Can somebody post monseñor oscar arnulfo romero airport MSLP.

ah yes! I knew I remembered one somewhere. Thanks!

These pictures are beautiful, keep 'em coming! I just wish I had an Apple device :(

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I would post one, but I’m in a pretty boring area right now - South Georgia.

Consider yourself lucky you are even flying with these server issues.


Wish I wasn’t out if likes @AustralianFlyer.
I have downloaded global for hours now but can’t spawn in.

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Image uploaded from iOS

Inbound Insbruck


Have you tried Lukla yet!? I can’t because I’m an Android user. You should try it!

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Lucky! I woke up at 4:30 AM to fly Global and I can’t access.

Took a few screen shots here is my fav:

What is sad is that is the lowest visibility I could set the fog to.


Looks amazing!!! I can’t wait for it to be available for me



It really is astonishing at how amazing all the photos are!


Try Zurich- ICAO code LSZH and you might just get lucky, if you do I’m waiting on the ground there now