Best IF Photos

No, I think it was right wing, just zoomed out a bit and with the view angle pointed left.

I THINK it was a 788, but I can’t remember any more. Wait no, it was the Citation.


That’s so cool. I’m just gonna stick with regions for a while instead of spending all the money. It will still look good at least😏

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@DeerCrusher your turn! Haha this is killing me inside.


Final flight on IF Classic, classic route KLAX-KSAN!


Does anyone know like a specific time for the update. I don’t exactly want to refresh all day for nothing

I mean i know it’s in the morning

Here’s what happens in an F-14 when you get as fast as you possibly can and then point your plane straight up. (Would recommend only doing this solo or on a Casual server unless you’re a glutton for violations 😅)

If you have In-Flight Assistant running, the poor co-pilot will warn you “Let’s watch our speed” 😃.


That looks nice! Can’t wait to do that.

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My top 3 :)


Omg! Please more! I need this to help me wait until it releases later today!!! @epaga

Thank you for helping us with this update in terms of your apps!

Sure thing! - and (spoilered to not hijack the thread) BTW, to celebrate Global, I’ve decided to offer In-Flight Assistant at 80% off and each in-app at 20% off for the next week ONLY

Here’s another one, flying a C-130 from Denver toward Midway base in the Pacific (took off in the evening, arrived when I woke up):



Simply stunning! This has doubled my excitement, seriously.
PS: Also loving IF Assistant, which I purchased just a few hours ago. Fantastic app!

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Wow! Stunned. Well worth the 2 years of the wait.

Can you spam Global pics? Or is that against fourm rules? @epaga

Let’s just say I’ve been asked to wait a bit for that. 😜 Couple more hours should do it.

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An AA 737 parked at KSAN


@epaga there will never be enough! Just keep em Rollin! Haha

In a few hours I will probably be clogging this topic up with global pics😜

At least we got 9000+ pics of how it looked before the update!

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My final regional flight? A recreation of my first. KDEN-KCOS

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Lots of GREAT ones here!!

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