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Hello Infinite Flight Community!

It’s Don here, and I’m here today to tell you about my page, @best.if_photos. This page is a community based Instagram, where anybody and everybody can send in their beautiful photos from Infinite Flight, just to get some recognition.

Right here is an example of a great screenshot (that I’m actually going to post later!)

Cropped, close up, beautiful. To get more of a feel to see how a great screenshot should look, just check out some of my other photos that I’ve posted!

So how do you get to see your screenshot on the page? Easy! Just use one of these methods…

Email me at:

PM me: @FlyFi

DM me on Insta: @best.if_photos

Not too many people have really sent in any photos, so to keep things going, I had to support about 95% of the photos on the page (yes, I admit). I want this to be a community based page, so please, send in your beautiful pictures for everybody to see! Thank you all, and have a great day!


I would love to share some photos🙃

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Feel free! I’m open to all photos, they just have to look beautiful. :)

This has nothing to do with letting the community know there insta account this is so people known they have a place they can submit pictures and have a chance to be featured

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Oh, sorry about that.

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Hi, :) please continue here

This is just like advertising a VA. Are you going to make a new post, or put it in the VA List topic?..

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