Best IF moment

Mine is pretty simple, being able to follow a SID/STAR for the first time. Yes, you read it right and I am grade 3. It was during February 2020, so I am still a beginner about charts

Yesterday, my first ‘’Full cockpit without HUD’’ flight with an A350 from Munchen to LAX, I surprisingly buttered the bread 😄

So, i have just landed at KLGB and seeing someone use B777 there (which is its should be at KLAX, sadly this was on Expert😥)
and they was intended to pattern work and a few moments later after i parked at the gate, they’re gone. Maybe he lost control or how was KLAX when there was an Approach governing

I know right.

my best one is when my phone survived a 15 hour flight and landed in a very crowded airport

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It was Tuesday, I managed to be put in a holding and got out okay. So it was busy, then I did a fantastic landing with 5 aircraft watching :)

me when i made a really SOFT landing
oooh that felt good

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