Best IF moment

When was your best IF moment? Mine was my first successful landing KONT-KLAX sometime in Early 2019, What about yours!!!


Everytime when i butter when an other plane is watching at the side of the runway


What’s that like?

What’s my best is like I did a long flight for like 15 hours without crashing and do cool parallel takeoff each time

It feels good. But if i’m honest from the 5 landings i make 1 or 2 are butter.

Becoming an IFATC was probably my best moment!


💯 Couldn’t agree more.

It’s a very hard question - over the years there have been so many “best” moments that I’ve lost count. But I think one moment that stands out is seeing some folks in real life at the Heathrow Meetup last year. It’s one thing talking and flying with folks online and actually meeting them in real life. If you guys ever get the chance to attend one of the meetups, don’t hesitate and turn up. It was worth waking up at 7AM on a Saturday…;)

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Aight who’s controlling Qatar virtual😂


My best if moment was when I did my first long haul without crashing. Despite the fact that I Tokyo drifted at Tokyo…


My best moment was watching @Tsumia crash…

And about every other day of flying are my best moments.


Completing Heathrow to Auckland non stop, not going to break any infinite flight records but it’s my favourite route to do

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There have been many great moments, but there are two that really stand out.

The first one for me is definitely becoming an IFAT-Controller. After weeks of training, studying procedures and flipping through the manual, it’s an extraordinary feeling when you finished the final part of the recruitment phase and get that message from your recruiter informing you that you’ve passed.

Secondly has to be the IFVARB summits. It’s great to see so many pilots and staff from multiple different VAs come together. It shows how strong the community is and how a flight simulator can bring loads of people together. Not to forget the outstanding work by IFATC and all of the preparation that goes into these events. It makes me shed a tear of happiness seeing 200+ people fill up an airport and fly off to many different airports.

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…glitiches i found in infinite flight

I’m not sure, maybe my first landing (I was in solo, and I was very excited) or yesterday, I did my first emergency “landing” on a mountain

too many to count for me… But on a Community side of things, meeting Staff, Mods and Friends from the Community at Corford 2018 was awesome… on a flying side of things probably getting my first million xp, that flight was awesome… but as I said, so many cool stories tuat I lost count of them…


Probably the unveiling of the A350, and the way it was done. Surprised everybody that watched that video with no spoiler from start to finish haha.

Finally having scenery for South America and Singapore are really close seconds.

The best moment for me was probably getting into IFATC or discovering this forum. It just amazes me how many community opportunities are just outside of the simulator itself which adds a whole other lair to Infinite Flight.

My best moment was probably the satisfaction when reaching Grade 5! It just felt like a great sense of achievement a few years ago (4 years to be exact) as there were not many pilots around so it felt like being part of an elite club!

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Mine has to be Grade 5! And some buttery landings too😆. They’re so many achievements but personally, this community is literally the best, makes IF feel like a nice big family.