Best IF Add-Ons

What are the best if addons.
If you know please reply


These are the best IF add-ons, they are made by @epaga.

  • IFAssistant

  • IFOperations

Also there are some made by @Adrien

  • IFChecklists

Here’s a list which I find the best.

  • IF assistant ($)
  • IF checklists
  • IF Passengers (android only)

I have IF checklists and its highly recommended!


Some apps require money so it helps the development of the app.

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First you pay 5$ then 20$ if 1000 people get the app he will get 25000$ Nice 👍🏻

Well, its a very good app, and he put a lot of effort into it. If you want to buy it, its your choice. The OP asked for the best IF add-ons. This isn’t a place for you to hate on the app!

@aviation001yt both me and @Qantas094 gave you some very good app suggestions. They’re highly recommended :)


Thank you for the replies I will try some of these

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That’s correct! Well done!

So, You go to McDonald’s to buy a Happy Meal. That’s about £3.

If 10000 kids go to do the same, that’s (guess what) £30000. What a company… How dare McDonald’s is to ask money for their product, time and resources.

So… I’ve tried getting 3 Happy Meals for my 3 kids for FREE, but I’ve been sent away… I don’t even understand why… I guess this is how harsh this world is…

Oh, wait… No. This is how the world works. I would be very happy if I won’t get paid for my working hours. Or am I? No, I won’t.

Plus, In-flight Operations is completely free!

You’re welcome…


These three apps are MUST haves for my flights!

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Yeah totally right!! But the difference is that behind mcdonald’s there are about 200 employees in a branch and behind the add-ons there are about 10 emoloyees

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No difference. They put time and maybe even money into the development of those add ons. 300 or 10 or 1 persons good things cost money 🤷🏻‍♂️🙂

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I totally get your point, but there’s one thing none of us should forget: the amount of time these developers spent to learn how to build an app as a start, then doing so on different operating systems while making the apps compatible as many devices as they possibly can. Whiles the OSs and the policies /requirements are changing day by day.

I know @epaga , also met him in person. You can be sure that he isn’t driving around a Rolls-Royce or trying to rip off the community. There’s a stupid amount of time he puts into his apps rather than being with his family. Him and all the other 3rd party developers deserve our support.

Now, back on topic:


The In-Flight Apps Suite (Assistant, Operations, and Instruments if you are on iOS) gives you a totally new level of experience and worth every penny. I haven’t checked IF Checklist personally yet so I can’t comment on that.

It’s not cheap to buy all the add-ons for In-Flight Assistant, but you’ll see that you will use it for every flight afterwards…


Well said some people think everything should be free can’t understand why people are happy to pay $5 for a coffee that last 20mins or a App that lasts forever

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I do highly recommend IF assistant but you have to pay 5€ for the useful features of it but it’s worth it

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