Best I device to use

Hey fellow pilots .I have played infinite flight for a while now and have always used my phone . Was wondering what kind of I pad is recommended that runs infinite flight best. I hate using my phone because it over heats and is slow . So I decided I want to upgrade . What do y’all prefer ?


I would suggest checking out the topic linked below. It’s really helpful.

I personally use a iPad Mini4.

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I personally love the latest iPad Air, no notch and literally just a screen, very fitting for anything really. Only thing is that it has a very hefty price tag.


I use an iPad 8 gen. It works really well and it has a good sized screen, much better than using an iPhone (how I used it I don’t know.) more specifically an iPhone 8.

I use the iPad Pro 11 inch. It has a big price tag but it is worth the investment, especially if you have more use for it besides infinite flight. I use mine for infinite flight, fore flight with my flight training, and taking notes for school as well as just entertainment such as movies etc.

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Ipad 5 mini is what I use, works great and it doesn’t crash. It’s also pretty budget-friendly if you’re aiming for a goal.

I use the new IPhone SE and the screen is somewhat small but I have never had a single problem with using it in IF, plus it runs extremely well in any setting.

But if you want to change your mind and use a phone I recommend it other than the small screen.

But an IPad is much better than the phone overall other than all the problems I hear people having with them with crashes and freezes.

I have the 12.9 inch iPad Pro. I think it is by far the best tablet out there and I wouldn’t trade it for anything else. It’s quite expensive, but it’s really worth it. Amazing battery, display, and just great screen resolution. If that’s too expensive, I recommend getting an iPad Air, or a Samsung tablet.

Here’s the link to Apple’s website: Buy iPad Pro - Apple

Hey do you have any budget? So we can propose good IPads according to your budget!

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Hi, i would wait for 21.1 update and see what improvements were made before making a decision

Just got the iPad Air 2020 after using the iPad 6th generation for a couple year, and I totally agree with @Drxw.

The iPad Air is a very good device to fly IF.
Of course you could go with the current iPad Pro or wait a few more weeks for the iPad Pro 2021 to get more processing power, but I’m not convinced the enhanced performances justify the price difference.

Either iPad you go with, switching from a smartphone to a tablet will also significantly improve your flight sim experience.

In fact, the current iPad Air has a better performance than the newest iPad Pro. Only the RAM is higher with the pro model. However, even with the newest IF updates you won’t really feel a difference at all. I would only recommend the pro model due the 12,9 inches screen size for flying.


Very true on all accounts!
Had done my market study before getting a new iPad and I concur to what @Georgios_P said.
The Pro screen size was indeed something that made me hesitate a bit - especially that current Pro version will soon drop with the 2021 model. But even with that I didn’t think the extra cost would be worth it.
In your case, switching all the way from an iPhone the jump to an iPad Air or even an iPad will already be huge.
But hey, it all comes down to your budget. If you have spare bucks, go for the premium choice :)

I like to use an iPad so that I still have access to my phone during a long flight. Any of the iPads within the last couple years or so should work decent.

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