Best High Altitude Spotting Thread


Since I came to IFC, I saw lots of Beautiful high altitude spotting photos, and I thought I could make a thread for all the people who have Wonderful high altitude spotting pictures, and would like to share them on one common thread.
(High altitude spotting is when you take pictures of cruising planes from the ground).

P.S. Did I do any mistakes making this topic? (I probably did)… Can I even make this topic with my current TL? If I made mistakes, please flag this topic (or delete it if you can), and know that I’m sorry… Thanks!


Wouldn’t this be the appropriate place to put your best Infinite Flight Photos? This thread below hold all kinds of screenshots/ photos from people on the ground to pilots exploring Space:


I think he talking about in Real World, not Infinite Flight,


Oh, sorry…
Thank you!

I was trying to make a topic where high altitude spotting pics would stand out…


Yes, I was talking about the real world, thanks!


Do you think this topic will survive? LOL :)


My apologies. I will try to find the appropriate topic for you


This might also work, but it is very general…


Hmm, you did posted a picture that is from high altitude 8 days ago.


Although, it will be better if we go to that topic. Depends on mods…


I don’t understand.


Where? What topic?


I think this is the best thing topic for altitude pictures:




(High altitude spotting is when you take pictures of cruising planes from the ground).


I think this topic is too specific. Lets just stick with the main spotting thread


Oh well, sorry…
I just thought it could be cool…


I just contacted the moderators. Lets see what their opinions are.


Ok, I’m ready… :)
I hope this topic survives the mighty mods… LOL