Best HD scenery maps

Hello IF community!!!
Hope everyone’s doing great!
I’d like to know which are the best HD scenery regions without any pro subscription
I just bought the simulator and have seen all those beautiful pictures of the new HD scenery, makes me want to fly around those too
Suggest if any!

Probably Florida (although you can only go so far). Apart from that there isn’t much scenery you can access without pro (maybe mountains in California?)

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Probably the Southern California region. It has been recently expanded to allow for longer flights, meaning more HD scenery for you to fly around :)


That’s also one of the things I’m looking for tho they look good at about 10000+ ft but still would be challenging

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Alot of the places we take picture won’t be accessible without a pro subscription as you are only limited to regions. However I think California is the best scenery without a pro subscription

You can get to 10k feet in like 5mins

Definitively the Colorado region! I love doing some hops without the sub.

Also, while exploring the scenery, there is this airport 1CO7 that is only 600 feet long! Very fun to land there ;)

Thats not included in the non-subscription.

Solo: California
Global: Japan Hawaii Alps

Hehehe check out the beauty of the Philippines

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