Best Hardware For The Game?

Using the iPad 2 is a bit of a drag with IF, especially on the live servers. I don’t know if anyone else has the same problems but I pretty much have to run the simulator on bare bones. Anti-aliasing turned off, water detail on low, aircraft detail on low. If I have any of these running above the minimum on the live server my game always crashes. So since the iPads have absolutely no upgradeable RAM, what is the crowd favorite for operating the game on live with the highest effects? I really look forward to hearing any responses. Thanks!


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IPad pro is the beast for running IF on…


I can’t fault the Nvidia Shield Tablet for IF at all. It’s built by a company that makes dedicated graphics cards for PCs and contains a GPU with the same architecture as PC cards. From that you can probably guess it doesn’t struggle with graphics. I don’t have one, but presumably the Shield TV also does well - Matt uses it - as it has double the number of GPU cores.


Thanks for responding guys. It sounds like a simple upgrade might just solve my issues.

I play on iPad 3… I play all the graphics high… But anti-analising off sometimes I play with anti-analysing on. With all the graphics high… It runs with no problem… But I have to keep the iPad refreashed

I am using the iPad Air 2. It’s hard to have a better experience. Very smooth flights and controlling sessions.

I’m using Google HTC’s Nexus 9 on Marshmallow 6.0 and I have everything turned on to max potential, still getting 60fps and max RAM peak is at around 490Mb on dynamic demand and typically runs at 290Mb!

I’m using the ipad 4 and surprisingly lag a lot with either high water detail, or anti-aliasing.

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I play my IF on the iPad two and I play on live servers all I do to see other people is turn water graphics to low plane graphics high terrain graphics low and player count very high works like a charm.

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Generally the best hardware for the game is the most recent device. For me, iPhone 6+ (Not 6S+) works perfect. Full graphics, downloading airplanes, anti-aliasing, the works.

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I was thinking the exact same thing a few weeks ago. I did a full factory reset on the iPad 2 and only installed IF. Of course since the latest iOS update I also now have a bunch of bloatware that I can do absolutely nothing about. Without jailbreaking that is, but I’m not willing to go that far. So right now the iPad 2 is completely stock with only IF running. If I fly solo it works okay with the graphics turned up. On the live server I can’t even zoom in or out without it crashing with graphics on low. Maybe there’s something else going on in there.

Would you say that you’re pretty satisfied with the Google Nexus overall? It sounds like you can run IF to full spec with no problems.

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Yes indeed! A 2k Screen, at 60fps, platform is 64bit with 64bit OS plenty of stay power 😎

Forgot to mention the NVidea GPU built in to the SoC, goto Wikipedia and search for TegraK1 Denver Class Scalable Graphics Processor

iPhone 5 works just fine for me, just with minor lag in crowded areas.

Ipad pro is the best way to go

Been using an IPadAir 2 for a couple of years. Sweet. Narry a problem even with multiple App’s running in the back ground. Shut down and refresh overnite
Works well for me. Max Sends

@Maxmustang the ipad air 2 isn’t even out for two years now XD

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Ok, Nick… IPad Air. Regret error. Max

I would use the IPad Air 2. It runs like a beauty! If not iPhone 5 and above.