Best hand drawn aircraft

I was wondering how good people around here can draw planes so I made this.

Okay. I’ll be the judge in Round 1 and the last day to submit them will be 18/01/2017, 12:00 P.M. UTC.
After this there’ll be a poll with 5 selected photos.
There are two separate competitions. one with freehand drawings only, which is this one (i.e. only pencil and eraser on paper) and one with Microsoft Paint application created drawings(Link is:
Only your own drawings are allowed and they may or may not resemble any planes which exist. You can submit as many drawings as you want as long as they are in one post.


Is this too similar to the other drawing topic out there? Can someone’s confirm?

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You mean the one asking you to submit pics which you made with Microsoft paint? I made that so that those who made freehand drawings wouldn’t have to compete against Microsoft paint users and face a lot of competition.

You mean this?

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That one says that he’ll draw it. It isn’t a competition. This is a competition.


No, the other one he posted.

You can refer to the 3rd post.

Can I send my pic here?

Yes, but send your best ones here, and they have to be made with pencil and paper (and eraser if you need it).

Sure I have few ready already. 😀

@RedBulbBlueBlood9911 here u go!
Kuwait Airways
A320-200 9K-AKF
B777-200ER 9K-AOA

I said you could use erasers

Can you use colored pencils, pens, sharpies, and a straightedge? Because the few I have done I have done all of that.

Yes. Turns out I forgot to say that.

Just don’t use computers

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I use my Apple Pencil and trace abit at times

Okay, as long as you don’t use preset shapes like lines, rectangles etc.

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Lol sorry I missed the eraser part! 😂

Hey @A330fan, turns out you were the only person to post a photo here, so that makes you the winner!!!

What do I get as a prize?