Best Global Tips Ever.

So after flying with the global update for a month and change now, I’ve come up with a list of things that i wish someone had told me when the update arrived. I want to share my knowledge with you all today.

1- When doing a long haul flight for ex. Jfk-Lhr look up the flight time on Google. When adding fuel and payload, always add 3hr worth of extra fuel above the estimated flight time.
2- Use the Liveflight app to track the progress of your plane when you’re not at your device just incase you need to get back home if you can and take care of your flight.
3- When doing night landings ita best that you turn your screen brightness up or switch the time settings to noon. It’ll help with the visibility since night flying isn’t that good at this point.
4- Lower the resolution rendering to low or minimum it’ll really help with the performance.
5- Use a website such as to sew the current wind levels, effectively maximizing the wind to your advantage.
6- Do not leave your plane unattended during the climbing phase. You may get a speed violation or your plane may stall due to insufficient speed and trust me you wont be too happy about that.
7- Try to do flights either during sleeping hra or when you’re going to school/work but make sure you’ll be able to make it back home atleast an hr. Before your arrival.
8- Search up the charts for the departure airport and arrival airport if you want to make your experience as realistic as possible for ex. " KJFK CHARTS ON GOOGLE" it’ll show you what waypoints to use when arriving and departing and what the recommending height is for approach.
9- Don’t worry if the ETE DEST symbol is glowing red after takeoff, after the plane lightens up a bit it’ll go back to the standard white color.
10- Check the airport weather info atleast 1hr to 30mins before arrival so that you can know the appropriate runway to use.

Wells that’s about it hopefully this will be of help to someone. Have a nice day wherever you are.


A lot of the tips you covered can be found within the plethora of tutorials created by members of this lovely community:


I have to say… a lot of us had found that night flying have improved a lot in this update. So in my opinion, theres no need to change the time to noon. Just a bit more of screen brightness is all you need.