Best game settings for not Crashing?

So recently my game starting crashing a lot more than it used to (like never) and I have used the same settings for the app since I joined the game (lol around 2012), and I am wondering what the best settings in game I could use that prevents crashing? Thanks.

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Set the graphic settings to low and enable the low power mode.

Ehh I’m sure low power mode is going to increase the chance, but you’re right about the graphics, I’m just here to see if there are any other settings, though that I can use



From the Support FAQ.

Personally I’ve been using everything low. My game has been crashing on some flights and I really don’t want that to happen again.


I am quite sure. During cruise, the CPU has less work because the framerate is very limited.

Thanks a lot, mate! This should answer my question! ;)

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Have a look at this thread as well which shows, on experience, the best settings to run each device on to avoid lags and crashes etc. Device Compatibility Thread (19.4) - Built By Us For You!


Setting the Aircraft Count under Live settings to none makes a huge difference.

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One question though, does anti-aliasing make a difference?

Hi, this is a known issue with iOS devices. Just to add on to the tips linked above, read this post from Laura to limit the chances of a crash.

The developers have recently found the cause for this issue and are doing what they can to resolve it as quick as possible. I would recommend keeping up to date with this topic: App keep crashing after 19.4 update, and also the support category. These two sources are your best place for information regarding the current issues with the app.

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