Best GA airports

I added L35 Big Bear and TNCS Saba airport. I’ll add more later:)

@CannedAviation please don’t do that :)

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Why’d you remove TNCS?
I added it back but…

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My apologies to @Insertusernamehere. I thought there were duplicates so I removed them.

@Will_A I don’t remember removing TNCS

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@CannedAviation no problem, easy mistake to make

@Will_A also added TNCS to islands

EGBJ, Gloucestershire Airport. The UKs busiest GA airport btw (that’s rather notable)

Here are some of my spotting threads:


On the note of busy GA airports I’ll add this, KPAO and KVNY

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Bankstown Sydney long runway and near YSSY

WAJO (Oksibil Airport) in West Papua, Indonesia. This airport is a small airport surrounded by mountains and can be very dangerous to fly during bad weather as unexpected severe turbulence can happen anytime.

The airport is only equipped with ±800m long runway and only served by Trigana Air Service (Which one of it’s flights crashed to the mountains while en-route to Oksibil due to bad weather).

I’m not sure if this airport should be categorized at which continent. As this airport is located at Indonesia which is part of Asia geographically. But at the same time this airport is located at Papua which is part of Oceania geologically

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Warren-Sugarbush Airport - 0B7 - New England Premier Soaring site (gliders), the foliage is amazing in the fall. I can’t post it up on the North American list, can someone do this for me?

John Wayne Airport KSNA Orange County, California

Orange County’s aviation history is deeply rooted in general aviation operations. Aviation pioneer Eddie Martin founded the airfield that ultimately became John Wayne Airport, named after the actor John Wayne who died in 1979. From 1923 to 1939, the Airport operated as a privately owned general aviation facility.

Today, JWA is the home base for approximately 500 private general aviation aircraft. These aircraft range from vintage biplanes and helicopters to sleek corporate jets.

Harrison Ford’s Aviat Husky involved in the mishap in which he landed on an active taxiway flying directly over an American 737 at John Wayne.

Don’t think you can consider Lukla a GA Airport because it has passenger operations.

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Palo Alto as the second busiest GA airport in the world?? Best airport?

Where did you get that information? I laughed when I read that because it’s completely innacurate.

The airport his little to no amenities, the runway is too short for any larger GA aircraft (yet a P-180 is still based there 😳), and the airport is now owned by the City of Palo Alto which has never had any experience running an airport but still can’t possibly be any worse than the Santa Clara County who formerly owned it.

One of the only nice thing about Palo Alto is the newly resurfaced runway and ramps. Still getting into the airport can be a pain especially since no small GA aircraft dare to land at SFO. Unless you have money to burn. Only other alternatives would be SQL or maybe HWD but that’s on the opposite side of the bay. So everybody tries to cram into PAO and with the limited ramp space it can sometimes be hard to find a spot if you’re transient.

I’m gonna have to remove KPAO from this list and replace it with nearby KHAF which is one of the nicest airports in the Bay Area. I usually fly in there once or twice a month when the weather is good for some breakfast since there’s a killer restaurant nearby the field. It’s located right on the coast too, and the approaches for 30 and 12 have some spectacular views.


Estación aeronaval Ushuaia//SAWO//Ushuaia, Argentina. It was a comercial airport, but just look at that runway. Also, you have mountains in the front and in the back.
Today, it’s a GA airport with a hard and beautiful approach.

I definitely haven’t done this on expert accidentally…


Correction from Wikipedia “It [sic] is among the busiest General Aviation airports in the United States” but I’ll take your word for it 👍

Dallas fort worth? Wouldn’t consider that GA

Add to Oceania, for simplicity’s sake Malaysia and below will be Oceania

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Are you sure that isn’t just your home airport? We cannot see foliage in IF so I will not include this

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@BART130 @Jacob both have been added