Best Frequent Flyer Program?

Hi guys, what in your opinion is the best frequent flyer program?

United’s, in my opinion. Specifically Premier 1K, though I don’t have that status. My mom does though, and she really likes it.


I’d prefer Qantas because it’s my home airline, it’s easy to get to levels and a wide variety of destinations. I just got to Silver a few days ago which enables me to priority check in, priority waitlist and lounge invitations.

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Qantas? I am 18 now im gonna applu for 1 soon, but my parents have a free ticket and almost 2 in a couple of years, but not quite sure on that. Thats the only FFP i really have any clue on 😅

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I’ve flown 5 times, but only 2 trips. Not even close to getting any frequent flyer points 😂

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Well I first got my membership when I was a baby @Captain209

Summons my knowledge of FFP then 😂

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@Captain209 Yeah, Qantas have free memberships with discount codes here.

They have this free offer on saving you $99.50

Might aswell read and maybe apply, so bored at work because we cant have more than 2 people in the car at one time so from 7am i have been sitting and cleaning rubbish for 1.15 hrs (now 11.15am)

Alaska Mileage Plan. You still get miles for the distance that you fly and there is no spending requirement for elite status. Plus, they still have Award Charts.

United airlines deffintly has the best frequent flyer program… its not that hard to move up the ranks and the gold status is easy to reach and is very helpful but their premier 1k is by far the best I definetly recomend united

Delta SkyMiles or Air France-KLM FlyingBlue
Both are great options. And in my opinion, they’re better than most other programmes.

Westjet it’s super easy spend 3 thousand I believe and you get priority boarding

for frequent flyers, I suggest United. For less frequent, Alaskan Air is a great choice

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