Best Free VA managment softwares

Hey there.
I know that this topic may be similar to others, but i really need IFC’s opinion.
So, i want to build a crew center using an advanced software, with advanced PIREPS and more, like VAM’s crew center. I tried VAM and phpVMS, but i cant install neither of those, because the website hosts used in the tutorials arent anymore the same, and they dont work in the same way anymore.
Im looking for other free leading softwares to use, Can someone recommend me one? In the case of having a hack to install a paid software for free, I also accept it.
Im also tempted to build one with SQL and Java script, from scratch with coding.
Also, if anyone installed VAM or phpVMS recently (less than 2 weeks), could you tell me how?
Can anyone advise me of what i should do?



You can use this amazing third-party by @Artem_F for your VA website!


Thank you so much! Now i just need to understand how they work!

I was having the same problems with PHPvms. The link above would definitely be your best bet.

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