Best free screen recorder

Ah ok, Just found this one

By the way, does anyone here (IOS users) experienced a problem with recording? Like when you press to stop recording after a while it gives you error message like “can’t save this recording, bla bla bla…”

That’s is why I do not record videos today. This issue is really annoyed me. I must record some moments twice or even more. And I can’t just leave my device with recording any flights. I must start a new recording every 5-10 minutes to be sure that the last one was saved 😞

That happened to me when I tried to record a little bit of Netflix. But Netflix makes this intentionally.

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Is that the Coca Error -1, if so it is so annoying.
But I’m pretty sure it happens if you run out of storage when it try’s to export it to you photo library.

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