Best FP per map/area

Hey guys, I am back here and just wanting to know what are your favorite(s) FP(Flight Plan) per map/area. Here can be any map and flight plane just wanting to know what some of them are because I kind of do the same thing KLAX-KSAN and KSAN-KLAX etc.


Isn’t this a bit like this?

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Well when I searched topics like this I did not see anything like that or anything else.

I’ll flag it 😉
No worries, we all make mistakes!

What what does flagging it mean and thanks😉( I am kind of new to infinite flight posts not infinite flight)

I like to much the route from Palms Springs (KSPS) to San Clemente (KNUC) and then to San Diego (KSAN), I used to make a stop on KNUC make some weight changes and continue to KSAN but now make a touch and go on KNUC and then continue to KSAN. I use the 737-700 of Southwest Airlines (flight 13 02/13 03) or the Thomas Cook A321 (flight 181/182)