Best forward speed

On my last flight i did atc told me on landing to maintain the best forward speed. Im not sure what that means

What is the fastest, most reasonable speed you can maintain? (may vary under the context of flaps deployed, final approach distance, etc).

Oh ok thanks


The “Best Forward Speed” is the speed at which is the fastest under your plane conditions. This is the fastest possible speed to still complete the approach.

We issue this command when we need an aircraft to increase there present speed to at extent where it is not compromising the safety of the aircraft. This command is typically used to improve spacing, and you will see this a lot when tuned into Radar frequencies. Here is a link to more about ATC commands with Radar, and how to use them:

If you have any questions I encourage you to reach out to any of us controllers. No shame in clarification! 😉

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When you hear this command, first: do it, and second: check surrounding, then you will understand thats why.

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