Best fortnightly screenshot loading screen

The other topics like this was now closed so im here to make a new one. I wanna propose an idea of letting the community do a fortnightly vote of the best/preferred screenshot in two weeks. Im not sure where yall get the current loading screens from…but it would be nice to see if the community can pitch into it too. Imagine if lets say @MJP_27 had the most votes from the community at the end of the two weeks and he got his screenshot to be the loading screen for ALL IF users for TWO weeks…that would be a great feeling and this will also make loading screens a bit more fun to watch as there will be sunsets, moonshots and a bit of a personalized touch etc. This is just a little thought that i think will be very cool and this will most likely encourage people to take more screenshots which is also a promo for the sim if posted on their social media :)

Pretty nice request! But I am not sure since the community do contribute alot on social media platform such as Instagram! And the dev’s and moderators do have nice screenshots! I dont know but I somewhat did like your request!

Yes they have nice screenshots wasnt saying they didnt just a fun request for the community…and thank you