Best Flights to get to Grade 3 - Thread

Everyone, thanks for the ideas! Look at my stats:



I still need better stats. But very close.

Routes and aircraft for the route

Well you also need to bump up your landings so doing some touch and goes on casual server at a random airport should be fairly quick to build those, though a little tedious. Landings can you a decent amount of XP too. And then when those are matched, you can solve flight time by just getting on casual server and load up full fuel on a plane, and just let it fly without a plan until you get to the required hours. If XP is still holding you back at that stage then more touch and goes would be the quickest way I believe. That’s the steps I took to get to grade 3 and I got there within a week of first subscribing

But if you wanna do full flights and not touch and goes etc then I guess someone else might have a better answer

OK. Thanks for the tips. I might see you at 7 guys.

But what about the aircraft?

For touch and goes I personally used the TBM-930 and then for the flight time I used the 787

Is this good?

No a380 sucks use a350 or 787 and do long flights

Alright. But I still think the A380 is best.

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Do three long hauls greater than 10 hours and that will cover your XP and hours. After that just do 24 touch and goes and that should only take you an hour or two to cover your landings

That takes too long.

I need a faster way

Maybe that’s a good thing? Allows beginners the learn and improve their skills before reaching the ES. Expert Server is for Experts, if it wasn’t obvious enough.

Simply continue flying as you want, do patterns and you will get there. Spending 2 more days in the TS is much better than going into the ES clueless and being reported.

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I have done pro ATC before, on Microsoft Flight Simulator.

Still, doing pro ATC on MSFS is different than flying on IF

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This is a fun and easy way to get to grade 3, in my opinion. And as for the touch and goes, they aren’t actually so bad. I recommend the TBM or Cessna at Chicago O’Hare, takes less than 20 minutes if you do it right.

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My battery runs out in 3 hrs after fully charged.

I’m sorry, I meant 5.

Keep your device plugged in. I’m afraid there are no shortcuts to get to grade 3 (besides the touch and goes, but we’ll let that slide). It’s either a few long haul flights, or several short haul flights for the XP and Hours. Up to you.