Best Flights in the USA

What kind of flight should I do,livery,and aircraft I should fly.!

Ryanair would be a good choice! :)


I would check out some of the VA’s! 😉 They have some great route options!

But for flights within the US, I find the ones over the Rockies and the Southwest to be quite beautiful.

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Lol not unless I want a broken neck lol

Ok I’ll try that

Ryanair isnt that bad, I feel that people have way to much hate towards it. Southwest has equally hard landings.


The title says in the USA lol

Yeah i think it’s just the 737, I saw a southwest land like 💩

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I would use where you randomize flight plans and find a good flight

Ok thank you

Also I was watching a video and it said a 757 is used to fly from Vegas to la I don’t think that’s true but let me know what you think.

It’s all 737s, it’s what they were built to do.


Lol (10 characters)

Best flights are cross country flights however if you want to do short haul that is ok.
Longest domestic flight within the USA are from KBOS,KJFK,KIAD,KMCO all the way to any major airport in Hawaii.

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Take the tiniest plane you can fly and do KSFO - KDEN. Actually doesn’t matter which airport you depart, as long as you cross Nevada and Utah towards Colorado.

GA: Whichever, XCub?
Airliner: A319 - small, but still a beast nonetheless

You’ll get:

  • One of the best and sharpest rendered scenery graphics with interesting sceneries, near and far!
  • Highly Turbulent Winds! (your A319 will bounce around lol!)
  • High Altitude Landing Challenge! (I actually just created a topic about it couple hours ago)
  • Fun!

Hope that helps!

Yup, as @DreamJet said I would highly recommend joining a VA, once you meet the requirements! You can find VAs on :)


KPMD to KCHS in a C-17 perhaps ?

How do you join a VA?

KATL-PHNL Delta a330-300 is a good route.

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