Best flight with the Boeing 737

So earlier today I did a a great flight with the Boeing 737 and I have to say, it was the best flight I had with the B737. I got some great images. Check it

Flight Details

Aircraft: Boeing 737-700/ United Livery

Flight time: 3 hours and 16 minutes

Route: KLNK —> KLAX

Sever: Training

So here in the first picture I was parked at the gate at Lincoln airport, where unfortunately I was all by myself :( but it was still nice

So after a super short taxi I took off from runway 35, departing towards the west, heading toward LAX.

So after takeoff, I went to my cruising altitude of FL330 (I couldn’t go higher because I was a little heavy). I got some great pictures of New Mexico’s mountains.

So after 3 hours I started my descent into LAX. I have some beautiful photos of California. Then when I was landing, I saw an Emirates A380 Landing right next to me, except he was landing on runway 25L while I was on 25R.

Then to concluding the flight, I taxied to the gate and shutoff everything off. While parked, I got a view of a 787 taxing to runway 25R.


Cool pics but this should be in #screenshots-and-videos.

The 737-700 is definitely the best 737NG modle.

Made that mistake again. Sorry 🤦‍♂️

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Nice pictures! Flying over NM is amazing 😍

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Amazing photos

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But the mistake has been corrected, making this topic and category so awesome. Nice job!


Awesome pictures! Love the parallel Approach!

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Thank you. Tried my very best

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