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Hello guys
I need help to have a Flight planner website to help me do my flight plan! In Xplane 11 i take FlightAware but it is not working because they have like (J87-ect…). So, what is the best website to do a flight plan?

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Simbrief is pretty good 🙂


My go-to usually is Online Flight Planner…


Nice and simple to use for a quick flight.


I’ll give you my full rundown on how I plan my flights.

  1. Go to and input your airports.

  2. Click a route that you wish to fly, and be sure to note the cruising altitudes.

  3. After you click your route, you’ll be taken to Once you are there, click “Navlog” There, you’ll find your whole route laid out for you, where you can copy it. You will also find your TOC and TOD.

  4. Once you have overlooked your plan, go to and input your start airport. Then, in the drop down menu, click “IFR plates”. Then choose “All Departures (DP)”, and write down all the fixes and VOR’s on a sheet of paper or in an online document. Make sure the fixes and VOR’s are in order.

  5. Then, go back to and input your arrival airport. Again, choose the drop down menu, and click “IFR plates” This time, choose “All Arrivals (STAR)” and once again write or type the fixes and VOR’s in order on a sheet of paper or online document. Make sure the fixes and VOR’s are in order.

  6. Once you have all the fixes and VOR’s written down, open Infinite Flight in solo mode. Type in all the stuff you wrote down, as if you were creating a flight plan. Then, if there are any missing fixes or VOR’s make a note of them.

  7. Exit the sim. If you have found any missing fixes or VOR’s go to There, search your fixes and VOR’s that are missing, one at a time. Find the coordinates of those fixes and write it down in this format, 0000(N,S)/0000(W,E). If you don’t know how to do this, check out this awesome topic. It’ll teach you how to do what I just described.

  8. After that, go to and input your aircraft, and airports, then press planner. That’ll show your fuel needed. Make sure you know if the fuel calculation is in LBS or KGS.

You should be ready to go now. If you have any questions, don’t be afraid to ask.


Thank you Matt! Great help! Happy new Year (2018)🎊🎉

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Of course Justin! Happy new year to you too!

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This is a good site fro winds hence the name


Simbrief is a great website.

Skyvector is more advanced.


I definitely go with SimBrief all the way


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