Best flight options

Hey guys im a bit bored and didnt do a long haul for a while, i wanted to get suggestions of yall favorite flights to make under 10 hours because of school

This topic should help you out:

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This was helpful i already decided from that link u sent thanks

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Under 10 hours?

Well let’s see…

My favorite flights have to be either KSEA - PAJN or VNKT - VQPR Some really scenic flights with unique approaches and both are under 2 hours. A slightly longer flight is KBWI - KSLC which is 5 hours. I highly recommend those routes as well as what’s on the suggested routes topic.

And also, any GA flight is really fun!


KSEA to PAJN was one of my favorite routes i ever did and i dont mind doing it again thanks


This one is one of my personal favorites! Taking the nice 772 for a 3 hour flight from Chicago to Cancun!

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