Best Domestic Business Class Product

What do you think the best domestic business class product is? This topic came up because I will be trying out JetBlue Mint next week, and a friend of mine said that Delta One is a better domestic business class product.

JetBlue Mint

JetBlue Mint (suite)

Delta One (757)
Personally I think that JetBlue Mint Suites are the absolute no.1 when it comes to domestic business class, but the two-abreast seating for both Delta and JetBlue looks amazing. Let me know.
(For all y’all in Europe, sorry, that ain’t business class. That’s barely Premium Economy)


If you were to talk about the new Delta one then I would say from the looks of things, that’s much better but I’m not sure if that’s even configured on domestic aircraft often.

I’d say JetBlue. I’ve flown JetBlue Mint suites before and they’re amazing. Completely private and quiet. I’ve also tried out United Polaris and it’s good too, but the lack of doors makes it not as good as JetBlue. Delta doesn’t operate the Delta One Suites domestically so they are no where near the top of domestic biz products.

Delta One on the A350, A330neo or the new B777 and N767 is amazing, but they are not put on domestic routes. When I say domestic I generally mean transcon, which is usually operated by a Delta 757 or a 330.
There’s also United’s transcon business class
and American’s Flagship Business


Did they stop using them on JFK-LAX?

Delta all the way
Delta one is the best 😄😎

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For their premium transcontinental routes from San Francisco/Los Angeles to Newark/Washington D.C., and rarely some other upgrades (especially now because of the coronavirus cancellations), the United transcontinental business class is their Polaris product. You even get access to the lounge, which is nice since it’s a domestic flight. For Premier Gold members and above, you can pick Premium Economy seats which are free (and sold as Economy Plus).

Virgin Australia
Air New Zealand

I actually find all of Qantas domestic aircraft (except for 717) Are really uncomfortable and flying business is a waste of money

Delta defintiley has the best Domestic business class product. They are the only company that I would buy a domestic first class seat with.

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I think it’s a little over the top to have a private suite with doors on a domestic ticket. If it was an international flight I’d agree with you, but not for a domestic flight.

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Will you turn down a private suite for no extra charge?
I sure won’t.
That’s why I’ll be in Suite 2A for my Mint experience.

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Exactly! JetBlue is usually the cheapest fare on transcon routes anyway.

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Would rather fly on Delta, which is the better airline.

Delta is better unless you get the Jetblue Mint throne seat.

I did get the throne. Lucky me I guess


Have you tried JetBlue? They are very good! (Delta is my go-to for long haul, but I usually do JetBlue for domestic flights)

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I have never been on Jetblue but I have heard the Mint is a great product. I also here they have the best economy

Delta One on the 777s, they now fly them once a day between Atlanta and JFK. Flew on it a few weeks ago, it was great, even made a trip report on here.

Ok, I know you mean Transcon. Never flew business because the only times I flew Transcon was on American’s first class on their Transcon A321s. Flew on it 6 times I think (3 round trips). Great seat (reverse herringbone for the win!), food (ice cream sundaes!), and service! Loved it! Can’t say anything for their biz class

I’m flying Mint in early May, it’s the first time flying an airline thats not Alaska other than a 20 minutes flight in like 10 years, and we will see how the service compares to Alaska.

I already know the seats and IFE will be better 🤣

So the DL 75, AA 321 biz and UA 75 (also 763 unrefurbished) all have the B/E Aerospace/Rockwell Collins “parallel diamond” seats. I’ve flown them-they’re fairly comfortable but Mint (Thompson Vantage) is better imo. The one sleeper seat for best “domestic” Biz class imo would be Hawaiian’s Optimares Maxima with aisle access would get my vote-granted it’s not transcon, but it IS domestic 😉

I thought overall service was best on HA and B6, the seat was good on UA (food and service were kind of meh)

Any way you look at it, you’ll have a great flight!

I would take a couple things in order here:

-Vantage-air bag can deflate and need a reset.

Ease of Aisle Access
-Vantage (suite)

Options for rest/different positions
-Maxima (has a wheel-but there are good spots to stop to lounge)