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I just wanted to ask for some information, details and opinions regarding devices. I currently have the iPad pro 5th generation 12.9 inches, which is indeed one of the best and most powerful devices currently out there. So here’s what I’ve been asking myself lately and so I wanted to share my questions: is there any device that is even better and more powerful than my current device ? Which is better Android or Apple ? What device would be best for to run IF as smooth as possible according to recent updates and how can I be best prepared for future updates in terms of devices and device performance ? And finally, is there anyone else currently having the iPad pro 5th generation 12.9 which I have got (which I’m sure but just wanted to ask 😉) ? If so, is anyone else with this device having some minor/slight frame rate hiccups at times ? And is there a way to improve this ? It’s nothing serious but it would be good to have the app run as smoothly as possible. I currently have my graphic settings on low and medium, aircraft count on medium and frames at 60fps. 30fps used to be fine on previous versions but now, when at 30fps I’m having too much frame hiccups.

Any advice, information and opinions will be much appreciated. Cheers and best regards, Michael


I have got the Ipid 12pro, and I rely like it I have hid it for 1/2 year, and it is not bad. I sometimes run my Ipid for like 50+H, and it is just fine.🍻

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My iPad 9th gen is a great one! All graphics on high and barely crashes, maybe once every 3 months. Events on my device can crash more frequently though.


I have the iPad Pro 11” with the same M1 chip as yours, and I have also been experiencing crashes from time to time. Mostly it happens when I am ATCing though. I also have experienced sudden frame drops when on the ground in crowded servers, but never during flight.

I personally have all settings to max and framerate at 60fps, and mine still functions smoothly 99% of the time so I think even if you raise your graphics a bit you’ll be fine! I do think the crashes are an apple/chip issue and you can’t do anything about it. I also doubt lowering the graphics will do much. Just my two cents

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Yes during flight it’s fine - no frame hiccups at all. On the ground I get occasional frame hiccups and also my device gets heated up a bit. And that’s the thing actually - IF and the device automatically limits the frames to prevent itself from heating up too much and catch fire. I’ve got all my graphic settings to low and my airplane count to low as well. When restarting IF the rendering settings and airplane count are on medium and I need to set them to low again but that’s no big deal. Also I enable the low power mode, set my camera to ATC view to save power, set my display brightness to the lowest level and decrease my device’s volume when on cruise flight. All in all performance is still very good, however like I have mentioned in the post, I’m kind of concerned about future updates and device performance. So if you or anyone seeing this post knows of any device that might be more powerful than my current device, any further information will be greatly appreciated. I’m pretty much considering getting myself a newer device as soon as possible in order to be prepared for future updates. Cheers and thanks again for your time 🙂

I also believe that the more the device’s software gets updated, the smoother IF and general performance will be. I’ve updated to the latest iOS software a few days ago and will update again as soon as a new version comes out. Hopefully everything will run smoother again after a while

For me, I would recommend the Samsung Tab S4, S6, or Samsung Tab S7 When it comes to Android vs. Apple, it all boils down to personal taste. Apple’s iOS is generally user-friendly and secure, while Android is popular for its flexibility and compatibility with other devices.

To make sure you’re running Infinite Flight smoothly, you’ll need a device with a good processor, lots of RAM, and a decent graphics card. Keep your device updated with the latest software and game updates, and it should run without hiccups. If you do experience regular frame rate drops, try closing down background apps and reducing the graphics settings. Hope this helps!

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