Best device

Can anyone tell me what device IF looks the best on?

An excellent resource is Kirito’s thread. I suggest taking a look to see what fits your needs.


Definitely not on a iPod 6th generation which is what I use 😢

Best device? If you want to run IF on a large display with no limitations, I would get either the 2017 (2nd Gen) iPad Pro or the 2018 (3rd Gen) iPad Pro 12.9. iPad Pro 10.5 & 11 are great runner ups.

I said no limitations, but the only limitations with iOS devices is they do not have 3rd part my controller support. The only way you can use a controller (joystick) is if it’s MFi supported. Currently there are no joysticks on the market with MFi support so you would have to rely on Live Flight Connect.

With a android device/tablet, you can connect a joystick directly into the device and it will work with IF flawlessly. You have to decide if you want to spend good $$ on a android tablet… which I would avoid.

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