Best Device with latest update?

What is everyone using to play IF? Should I go back to the iPad Pro? I gave mine to my wife…

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I think you might want to take a look ^^

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I don’t have access to that…

I use a mini 4 now…

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You don’t have access to this topic? This topic displays IFs highest ranking devices, from highest in power to lowest in power, provided by the community, I woud recommend getting a device that was released after MID-2017.

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Guys, I did a mistake and fixed right away the ability to visit the thread. Moving on…

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Thank you! Looks like I will go get a new iPad Pro…sigh…


The new iPad range will be more than adequate. The IPad 2018 is perfect! I use the Air 2 and that’s still fine, the issue is it’s borderline and even though the mini 4 came out roughly the same time it was inferior to the Air 2 as it got the previous iPad gen chips. I have no reason to use my pro for IF yet.

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The iPad Pro range is sort of ‘future proof’, at least for a few years. It’s worth pointing out that the current Pros have more power than some laptops, especially with graphics. They should be able to cope with quite a few IF updates yet, and considering how versatile they are…

Just stick with the Pro

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The iPad Pro is great! What current devices do you have?

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I switch between a mini 4 and air. The mini 4 gets quite hot especially on long flights.

I’ve never tried a Mini 4, but from what I’ve heard it’s smaller design causes it to get quite hot. I’ve only use my iPad Pro for IF and my iPhone X, they both run great.

I think you should wait for the new Pro… the event is probably next month…

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I used to use the Samsung J5 2016 and it was very laggy on IF, even with all settings on low.
So I switched to the Ipad 9.7 2018 and I can say that it’s a big change, it runs IF incredibly well with all settings on hight, very smooth!
It’s also a cheap Ipad but it’s worth the money!

The iPhone SE ain’t that bad either. All the settings are on high with anti-aliasing on and it works perfectly.It does get hot tho so as I have a pro I do suggest that device.

iPhone X for iOS and OnePlus 6

I use a samsung galaxy s6 with a bit of tweaking

I use my ipad mini. It is fine.

Thanks everyone. Feel free to close this thread.