Best device to run IF on?

Hey I was just wondering about what your thoughts were on this. I currently use my iPhone X and iPad 2. What does everybody else use and which is the best?

I use a iPad. So I recommend a iPad. I would never use your main device like a phone because it just destroys it. I had to trash my old iPhone 5 because it lagged and was so slow because of IF

The iPhone X is more than enough, that thing will last forever powerwise! I mostly use my First Gen iPad Pro, it’s still powerful and runs IF at the max settings, I use it Over my phone because I like a bigger screen when flying.

There is already a best device compatibility thread. Take a look:


The best device to run Infinite Flight On is definitely an IPad Air 2 from my personal experience. However, I’m not an expert at this… I’m sure their are some community members who will recommend what device for you to buy in your set price tag.

If you are looking to purchase a device, buy a used iPad or tablet. And don’t put anything else on it except infinite flight and it’s compan apps. So you don’t fry your main devices

That will work, but most people can’t just go out and buy an iPad for just IF. I use my iPad for everything, it is older and doesn’t run like it used too, but it is more than adequate

Weiredly enough it can run IF better than Minecraft lol I tested that