Best device to fly on?

What does everyone think is the best device to fly on? Curious what everyone says.


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Any new iPad is the best device to fly on, no disputes there. Good value for money if you get the iPad 2018 and you will be amazed at the performance.


I haven’t used many devices to use IF on, however my current tablet, samsung galaxy 4 tab, is perfect for handling it as it comes with a minimum of 64GB storage and amazing graphics support, makes the game super realiistic and no issues spotted with it so far, it also came with a free keyboard cover, which makes it alot easier to control aircraft without touching the screen at all!

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You might find this helpful! I’m on the hunt right now as well

I just got the iphone xs max which was a big upgrade for me from the 7. I think for the best possible experience you’d probably need a new ipad since you get the ability to multitask which lets you use apps like In-flight instruments and that IF checklist app. Having separate tablet would also be nice for running foreflight if you wanted to make that investment as well.

I’ve got an iPad 2018, which is the same, but feels better than my old 2016 iPad Pro 9.7 inch, but it feels less powerful

I have an iPhone 6 Plus, amazing and strong device. However, I am switching to an ipad soon due to the amount of space.

I love using my iPhone, but the only problem is it is the ONLY device I use so long haul flights are not an option for me since I need to use my phone and leave the house everyday. My friend has an older iPad (4 years old) and he is willing to give it to me. Would that be a good replacement for the phone?

I can vouch for this!

Also, see the thread below for a full list that a simple search would have given you :)